Freelance Plan


Some customers prefer to manage their own site hosting or have an existing web site but still require assistance with routine updates and maintenance.

A recent trend for example is for companies to set up a Content Management Systems (CMS) web site themselves (such as  Joomla or WordPress), making updates much easier. Often though, they  find they still need some external assistance due to insufficient staff numbers or skills available to manage in-house.

Other sites such as eCommerce sites often include hosting and server maintenance, making our all-inclusive packages unnecessary.

If you simply need your site professionally maintained, updated or improved on an “as needs” basis at a fixed hourly rate with no other on-going commitments or advantages provided by our fixed packages, then our Freelance Plan may be best suited to you.

Our Freelance Plan allows us to work to your specific instructions on a fixed hourly rate with no other inclusions, services, added value or other unnecessary ongoing fees.


The plan involves no ongoing commitment – simply send us your tasks as needed.

The plan starts with an initial payment in advance to get started eg the first  ten hours will usually be requested. Work will commence once the first payment has been received.

The value-added benefits normally included in our comprehensive packages are not applicable. So for example web hosting, domain name management and renewals, email account management, server support, phone or email support, technical maintenance, reports, live statistics or referral rewards are not included.

Any of these, where required, are chargeable on this plan on an as-needed basis at the standard hourly rate (our minimum increment is 15 mins).

Terms and Conditions

Note the following terms and conditions apply to the Freelance Plan:-

  • Clients must agree to the terms and conditions of our general Client Agreement
  • An initial 10-hour block at a discounted hourly rate is required to be pre-paid upon commencement. The pre-paid block is non-refundable but there is no time limit on the use of the hours.
  • Work done in excess of the initial pre-paid hours are then billed EITHER in retrospect on a monthly basis (at full rates) OR in subsequent 10 hour pre-paid blocks (continuing at discounted rates).
  • Freelance work includes all general maintenance and design work other than custom programming or other specialist development.
  • We must be provided with all relevant passwords and a technical contact if we experience technical issues with publishing and/or connecting to the server.
  • Any time spent in resolving any technical issues with the server/host is billable at the hourly rate.
  • The freelance plan has zero added-value inclusions, ie all design work, support, phone calls, email correspondence time etc is chargeable.
  • We highly recommend appointing a coordinator (single point of contact) to provide efficient direction, content and instructions regarding the development/maintenance of the site.

Alternative package options: