Domain Portfolio Management

Managing a portfolio of domain names is not complicated but it is also VERY easy to lose a domain accidentally.

We know of cases where domains worth thousands of dollars have accidentally expired simply because someone had forgotten to update the contact address at the registrar!

We offer a simple way to manage a domain portfolio with unique protection features.

We call this system our Domain Renewal Payment Plan (DRPP).

This system ensures your domains are never lost accidentally by providing unique safeguards such as:

  • The domains are set to automatically renew at the registrar (no chance of accidentally losing a domain), and
  • It provides an independent additional contact for each domain (we become the tech contact)

The DRPP consolidates all future renewals into a single quarterly bill – the cost is only $10 per domain per quarter (plus gst)*.

This fixed quarterly price provides the following advantages:

  • fixed consolidated quarterly billing,
  • automatic domain renewals (no accidental expiry),
  • a consolidated central web console for management of all domains,
  • simple DIY management od DNS zone files,
  • personal assistance/domain management where required, and
  • the additional safety of an independent tech contact.

With valuable domains being accidentally lost our DRPP provides total security of your domain assets.

* One-off initial charges apply for new domain registrations and existing domains transferred in.