Our Six Specialist Areas

We have posted some examples of websites created and managed by inTouch web services to give potential customers a better idea of the standard of our work. The sites we tend to specialise in can generally be grouped into six broad categories:

1. Membership Sites
We create and manage full online membership database systems with essential elements such as online renewals, newsletters, event bookings etc.  An active site with regular updates will also rank higher in Google, growing your membership numbers. Our membership sites include large associations, multi-associations (site-sharing) and club sites. Does your association need a fully managed website?
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2. Conference Sites
Every conference deserves a dedicated website and we have worked with many conference managers and organisers over the years who choose to outsource the website management to us, including updates, newsletters and social marketing. This allows them to focus on the preparation and success of the actual event. Are you a conference manager getting bogged down in regularly updating the website? It may be best to outsource the task.
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3. eCommerce Sites
We have been searching far and wide for an Australian eCommerce platform that we could honestly recommend and we think we have finally found it. Neto eCommerce is a complete solution for ecommerce, point-of-sale, inventory and fulfillment. We are very impressed with the commitment and service displayed by Neto and have no hesitation in recommending this platform for any Australian webshop. As registered Neto Design and Solutions partners we can assist in getting your shop up and running. Why not try it out yourself with a free trial.
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4. Mining and Surveying Sites
Our past connection and career in the coal mining and surveying industries has positioned us well to create and manage sites relating to mining and/or surveying. We understand the jargon of mining and surveying and possesses an appreciation of the need for accuracy and effective communication. Mining and Surveying consultancy companies are often relieved to find someone who cares and understands a little about their industry.
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5. Micro-Business and Startup Business Sites
Managers of small businesses recognise that the larger web and marketing agencies, with their impressive group presentations, expensive advertising, high-rent premises and slick sales pitches, must require higher returns in order to cover these overheads. We think that sometimes smaller is better. We understand micro-businesses best and tend to suit the home-office small business group more than the corporations. Small start-ups in particular appreciate our consultancy and advice in regards to their website and marketing needs.
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6. Agency Overflow Work
We have found that our personalised service and general work ethic often attracts web agencies seeking temporary assistance from an unexpected increase in work. We offer Freelance Plans that allow us to work for you and on-call, whilst remaining invisible to the end customer. We have worked for both small and large agencies who see the value in outsourcing routine maintenance work (for example) whilst they focus their resources on securing the larger projects or new clients.