Webmaster Support Plan

Our unique Webmaster Support Plan is now available as a standalone service – on any Joomla or WordPress site, on any hosting platform.

The Webmaster Support Plan has been an inclusion in our premium packages for Joomla and WordPress websites for quite a while and is one of the rare services that set us apart from others.

It is a preventative maintenance plan providing ongoing pro-active back-end monitoring and security protection for any Joomla or WordPress website.

It also offers discounted rates on site updates if required.

The primary goal of the Webmaster Support Plan is to minimise the risk of a Joomla or WordPress site being hacked.

The plan commences with the following:

  • Initial assessment and site audit, and
  • Recommendation/quote for initial upgrade if required (to bring your site up to current standard),
  • Quote of fixed quarterly fee to keep site maintained (reviewed quarterly)

Upon approval we will implement the initial upgrade and then commence the Webmaster Support Plan.

The plan continues on a fixed quarterly fee (as quoted) and includes the following pro-active maintenance:

  • Ongoing monitoring and prompt minor updates of core software, plugins and extensions,
  • Regular offline manual backups of files and database as required,
  • Security hardening and recommendations,
  • Regular email reports of actions taken, and
  • Quotes and advice when major software upgrades/migrations are required.

We believe this is essential ongoing maintenance for any modern open source software such as Joomla and WordPress. A hacked site can seriously impact a business in so many ways, including costly repairs, downtime, blacklisting, Google blocking and damage to business reputation.

Our support plan allows time for monitoring, software updates, email support and behind-the-scenes technical work relating to the running of your site, including issues often neglected by some site owners.

This is regularly and proactively performed on a needs basis, focusing on the essential behind-the-scenes maintenance items listed above.


  • The fixed quarterly fee does NOT include hosting, design work, site updates, hacked site repairs or other general site work – it is a behind-the-scenes maintenance program focused on software security and the prevention of hacking.
  • Additional services, eg site updates if required, are available at discounted rates upon request.
  • The fixed quarterly fee is payable in advance and may be reviewed on a quarterly basis based on general site needs.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer a cast-iron guarantee that your site will never be hacked (no-one can), however with this support plan in place the risk to your business is greatly reduced.