Our ongoing support is what separates us from others.

A website cannot be neglected after it is launched. All websites, particularly modern open-source platforms such as Joomla and WordPress, require regular maintenance to ensure the core engine is updated as security vulnerabilities are discovered.

Our premium packages include a unique Webmaster Support Plan offering you peace of mind that your site will not be hacked, which can be potentially expensive to recover from AND damaging to the reputation of your business.

This unique maintenance plan is part of our premium packages for Joomla and WordPress sites.

It includes our behind-the-scenes maintenance work, 24/7 electronic monitoring of your site using an industry standard monitoring system (Joomla only), plus regular checks that the software running your site is kept up to date.

A typical Joomla or WordPress site often has many extensions or add-on apps from various sources creating the functionality and appearance of the site.

This software needs to be checked and updated regularly and includes the platform itself (the core software engine running your site) and other third-party  extensions and add-ons that are being used to add extra functionality to the site. Vulnerabilities in ANY of these elements need to be monitored, identified and patched quickly after they are announced.

The plan also includes basic SEO work (Search Engine Optimisation), regular backups and malware scans etc.

A site that is hacked can be very expensive – or impossible – to recover and (like spam) it is a very difficult problem to avoid.

Our proactive Webmaster Support Plan always ensures your site remains in ‘good shape’ and is an essential part of minimising the risks of your site being hacked.