About Joomla and WordPress CMS

We use and recommend the Joomla and WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS)


Joomla is the world’s most popular open-source CMS!

We believe it is often the best platform for modern web sites for the following reasons;

  • separates content from design,
  • easier compliance with web standards,
  • open source and free to download,
  • does not tie you to a single developer,
  • easier management of access rights/logins etc,
  • easier to manage when updated by more than one person,
  • option to update your content in-house on any web browser,
  • ability to change design without losing content,
  • flexible and extensible,
  • thousands of extensions and base templates available,
  • benefits of a worldwide user community,
  • user to user assistance etc

Note that although the Joomla software is free, it is just a framework or engine.

It still requires a design template to be created (or purchased and customised), installed and attached to the framework.

Joomla itself (as well as the various extensions that make up a website) also requires occasional updates when security releases are announced (typically every few months).

Our Premium Package allow us to upgrade your software proactively as part of our unique Webmaster Support Plan.


WordPress is also a very popular choice for modern websites and is definitely very easy to maintain.

We are happy to develop your site in WordPress if it is your preference, however our general view is that although it may be easier for the end-user it is not quite as flexible and extensible as Joomla is. So it is a matter of ‘horses for courses’.

We find Joomla more suited to sites requiring membership or registration of users, as the extra complexity provides greater control over access viewing rights etc. However WordPress is an easier learning curve for newcomers to CMS systems.

We will assess your needs and advise appropriately as to the best system for your website.