Testimonial: The Pinnacle

“The Pinnacle (South Hurstville RSL Club) has been a continuous client of inTouch web services since early 2001, from a simple desire to offer 24/7 information updates for our club members, giving us another way to connect with our members, allowing us to promote our weekly entertainment, dining options and functions information. We have undertaken several design revisions and relaunches over the years and each time Mark has been able to convert our current vision and ideas into a functional and attractive site that has also stayed abreast with the current web standards.

The club was re-branded in 2009 as ‘The Pinnacle’ and again we required major changes to the site. Mark was again very helpful both with the creation and relaunch of a fresh design and with general advice in relation to our domain names and Google rankings etc. As we were using a new name we were effectively ‘starting again’ with Google, but Mark assisted with SEO programs and other suggestions that rebuilt our rankings very quickly.

His behind-the-scenes work would have no doubt assisted with the ongoing success of the club.

At this time we also needed the new site to be largely managed and updated ‘in-house’ to keep running costs down and to allow us to become more self-sufficient with updates without needing to worry about the technical and ‘back-end’ aspects. Whenever we have required assistance Mark has always been there to help out including managing the regular software updates and server issues.

2015 saw the merger of South Hurstville RSL Club with Hurstville RSL Club and again it was necessary to review the website through this major change. This time we needed to combine both clubs into a single merged site. We soon discovered that Mark had also been maintaining the Hurstville RSL Club website for many years so again we called on him to merge both clubs into a single functional website using the latest web standards.

Our brief this time was for the site layout to be greatly simplified, providing easy navigation and practical information for the members whilst also reducing the effort required for us to maintain and update the site in-house.

The added challenge this time was to also make the site multilingual – we felt it was time to recognise the large Chinese membership enjoyed by both clubs and provide information in their native language.

The new site at www.thepinnacle.com.au was launched in late 2015 and the Chinese translation followed in early 2016.

Feedback has been very positive and we again thank Mark for his ongoing dedication and meticulous care in the creation and behind the scenes maintenance of our club website.”

Simon Mikkelsen
Chief Executive Officer

South Hurstville RSL Club
Hurstville RSL Club

Email simon@thepinnacle.com.au