Survive the Crisis

March 26, 2020

Survive the Crisis – Explore New Opportunities – Free Extended e-commerce Trial

All around Australia, our clients, contacts and their families are currently experiencing unprecedented health concerns and workplace changes due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

They are being forced to self-isolate and work from home, or they are being stood down or even facing redundancy and unemployment.

No doubt these rapid changes are extremely stressful and hard to deal with and we all need to help each other through this wherever possible.

Whether you are a business owner or a concerned employee anxious about your future, we all need to be creative and adaptable to survive this crisis and we all need to look for potential opportunities that may help in getting us through this difficult period.

The Federal Government’s recently announced support packages will come in handy to many as an unexpected opportunity to explore new business ideas or creatively extend current operations in order to survive.

One specific opportunity is to consider selling online with an e-commerce online store.

With so many more people suddenly forced to stay at home around Australia, online shopping will no doubt enjoy an unprecedented surge in popularity in 2020.

It may be time to consider starting your own online shop, no matter how small, to supplement or extend your current circumstances, even if this is not something you would normally consider as part of your job or business.

I am able to setup an extended e-commerce trial for any existing customer, their contacts and/or their extended family at no cost and no obligation. This will also include basic support to get you started.

If you would like to take up this offer please send me an email or use our enquiry form.

If you would rather go it alone and tinker with an online shop idea yourself then please consider starting a free 14 day trial of Neto Ecommerce . This link will connect you with my Neto partner account.

But if you feel you are more likely to need extra support in setting up, configuring and designing the store, it is better for me to set you up as I can give you an extended trial and share admin access in order to easily assist you wherever required.

Ongoing assistance will be available on a competitive freelance basis or via one of our packages depending on your needs, please enquire to discuss.

As a long-term Neto design and solutions partner, I am very comfortable in endorsing Neto as a great e-commerce option, after spending many years exploring (and being disappointed by) so many other e-commerce alternatives.

These times are definitely NOT normal, and we must all be creative and flexible in order to survive and ultimately thrive when things settle down.

To all our customers, contacts and their families, good luck, stay healthy and do everything necessary to get through this crisis.

Mark McShane
inTouch web services