Selling Aussie Snacks to Expat Aussies

Apparently, there are more and more Aussies choosing to permanently move overseas to live and work, and it must be a huge decision to finally make the move. There would be so much to think about… employment prospects, financial issues, separation from family and friends, work visas, passports, citizenship … definitely a life changing move that takes real courage!

But there is one small issue that may be easily overlooked, or perhaps regarded as trivial – how much they suddenly find themselves missing Aussie foods such as vegemite, or tim-tams!

Before long they could suddenly find themselves obsessing about macadamias, or Cadbury chocolate, Smith’s Chips, Milo, Iced Vo-Vos – the whole unique world of unforgettable Aussie snack foods can be terribly missed in foreign lands!

One experienced Australian company decided to help these poor suffering Aussie expats by offering affordable worldwide delivery of Aussie snack foods. Aussie Food World at is managed by the same experienced team who has sold Australian souvenirs online for over 20 years at Souvenirs Australia Warehouse (, but they needed some assistance and advice in getting this new project quickly up and running. They wanted new branding, general advice and a decision made on the most solid, reliable platform to run the new web shop.

We evaluated the latest options in Australian ecommerce platforms and recommended Neto eCommerce as the best option currently available in our view. We then set about creating the new Aussie Food World branding, assisting, advising and consulting where required, working effectively and efficiently as part of the Sydney-based team.

The new site was created and launched in record time and is now live and available to take orders!

It is the new place to shop for any Aussies living overseas, or for those at home with family and friends overseas missing some of their favourite Aussie snack foods!

Aussie Food World –