New Faster Servers – Better Performance and Reliability

We are pleased to advise that we have recently acquired a much faster hosting platform as part of our managed hosting services!

Lately we have become unsatisfied with the website load speeds and temporary drop-outs occasionally experienced with our customer’s websites at our previous host providers. Sometimes we were experiencing significant lag, probably caused by server load policies or other factors such as host configuration etc.

This lag was particularly noticeable on Content Management Sites sites such as Joomla and WordPress sites where many database requests are involved.
We have therefore been pursuing – and have recently found – a much better, faster hosting product to serve our customer’s web sites.

The servers are housed in a state of the art data centre located in Sydney and serve sites via a fast and reliable SSD hard drives.

We are now offering a higher quality hosting standard and we are very confident you will immediately notice the difference – load times up to three times as fast in our independent testing!

In addition we are currently monitoring uptime at 100% on sites we have already migrated – solid reliable connections and super fast loading!

A faster site means your customers will stick around longer.. better for business!

Note there is no change to pricing and no change to the additional benefits and inclusions of your package, just a better faster service!

If you haven’t yet been advised of your complimentary upgrade – contact is to request it!