Joomla Support Plan

Our premium Joomla web packages includes a unique behind-the-scenes maintenance routine as part of our Joomla Support Plan.
This plan includes 24/7 electronic monitoring of your site and regular checks that the software running your site is kept up to date.
This includes Joomla core software (the software engine running your Joomla site) as well as any extensions and add-ons that are being used to add extra functionality to your site.
The plan also includes basic SEO work (Search Engine Optimisation), regular backups and malware scans etc.
A site that is hacked can be very expensive – or impossible – to recover and (like spam) it is a very difficult problem to avoid.
Our proactive Joomla Support Plan always ensures your site remains in ‘good shape’ and is an essential part of minimising the risks of your site being hacked.