Aussie Souvenirs Online Shop Refreshed

The Manager of Souvenirs Australia Warehouse, Peter Byron, has been successfully selling genuine Aussie souvenirs online for over 20 years and currently operates his business from a small warehouse located in south-west Sydney, Australia.

Although sales had been healthy and Google was generally kind with high rankings on key search terms, sales trends seem to be dropping over time rather than increasing.

Peter, as an intuitive and experienced manager, recognised that something wasn’t quite right. He decided it was time to seek a fresh perspective, some business and web advice, and we were invited to assist.

We assessed that the current website was running on an old eCommerce platform that felt a little neglected as far as platform support and it’s inability to keep abreast with modern trends. The site had nearly a thousand products but the general UX (user experience) was far less than ideal.

The old site was unattractive and difficult to navigate, and literally IMPOSSIBLE to navigate on smaller devices such as mobile phones!

Google had recently sent out warnings that they were adopting a ‘mobile-first’ attitude with their new algorithms. It appears that any web sites difficult to navigate on mobiles were now being penalised by Google in search results, and that would have meant lost business.

Recent trends indicate that over 50% of online shoppers are now using a phone or tablet to shop, so it really was time to refresh the site and make it more responsive and comfortable to view on various devices and screen sizes, more ‘mobile friendly’!

More importantly than rankings though, a ‘non-responsive’ online shop is in serious danger of  annoying potential customers. Something had to be done or this was not going to end well.

The design was also very old fashioned, the logo was unprofessional, the fonts were varied and sometimes the content was uninspired or overly colourful.

The old website (and Peter’s business) in our view was probably losing customers over time due to the poor experience of its visitors.

Our site assessment began with a very strong recommendation to migrate the site over to Australia’s best ecommerce platform called Neto. As Neto design and solutions partners we were able to assist in the migration whilst creating a fresh new site design that was capable of easily being navigated on any device.

We assisted Souvenirs Australia Warehouse with general business advice, re-branding and re-launch planning, the re-categorisation of the huge product line, product image and listing improvements, SEO and Google improvements, plus the establishment and maintenance of improved newsletter communications and more effective mailing list management.

We also helped to integrate Neto with an improved Souvenirs Australia Ebay Store and set up a new sales channel using Amazon Australia to further increase potential sales.

The new Souvenirs Australia Warehouse online store was launched in August 2018 and can now finally be easily viewed by a worldwide audience, anywhere and on any device, large or small.

And the site manager Peter Byron is now looking forward to an expected boost in sales!

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