Wholesale Freelance Plan


Are you running a web design business and need some help on overflow work, routine maintenance or other specific issues?

We have had over a decade experience working with various web design agencies on both small and large projects on a freelance basis.

Often outsourcing routine work makes sense as it can free up in-house staff to concentrate on the bigger tasks that bring in higher returns.

If you simply need reliable assistance on call at wholesale rates, our Wholesale Freelance Plan may be just the thing you need.

Our Wholesale Freelance Plan allows us to work to your specific instructions on a fixed hourly rate with no on-going commitment. We are there when you need us – just send off the instructions and then move on with the bigger projects.


The plan starts with a payment in advance to get started and to establish our relationship. The amount of the initial payment can be negotiated based on your initial needs, but would typically be in the range of 5 to 10 hours, at our current wholesale freelance rate.

Work will commence promptly once the first payment has been received.

Once the pre-paid hours are exceeded, completed work is billed on a monthly basis.

Email support and correspondence is included at no charge, however any necessary phone calls or meetings etc are generally chargeable on an hourly rate (minimum increment is 15 mins).

Terms and Conditions

Note the following terms and conditions apply to the Wholesale Freelance Plan:-

  • This plan is only available to web design agencies or related businesses.
  • Available for all overflow work such as routine maintenance and design work, not for programming or custom development work.
  • Clients must agree to the terms and conditions of our general Client Agreement
  • Registration and an agreed initial payment is required to commence the plan.
  • There is no time limit on the use of the initial pre-paid hours.
  • Once the initial pre-paid hours are completed, billing for work completed is issued on a monthly basis.
  • We must be provided with all relevant passwords and a technical contact if we experience technical issues with publishing and/or connecting to the server.
  • Any time spent in resolving any technical issues with the server/host is billable at the hourly rate.
  • Email support and correspondence is included at no charge, whereas phone calls and meetings where necessary are chargeable.
  • We recommend appointing a single coordinator to provide efficient direction, content and instructions.
  • We are happy to sign off on a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement if required.